The Cleaning Process

The Cleaning Process

Within days of installing a brand new draught system, deposits begin to build up on the beer contact surfaces.  Without proper cleaning, these deposits soon affect beer flavor and effect the system’s ability to pour quality beer.

Long Draw Re-Circulating Line Cleaning Pump    


The electric high performance re-circulating beer line pump can be used for cleaning lines over 20 ft.  Re-circulating cleaning chemicals creates a turbulent flow that is 80 times more effective than simply allowing chemical to soak in the line. 

Proper line cleaning will result in fresher tasting beer, increased keg sales and greater profit for retailer!

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Foam on Beer (FOB) Cleaning Process

FOBs installed in a long draw draft beer system will reduce beer waste and increase beer profits.  When an FOB is installed on a long draw beer line and the keg empties, the beer flow is stopped immediately.  The beer line remains full of beer, instead of filling with foam.  Keeping full lines eliminates the need to refill the lines and purge the system with beer.

-Foam detectors immediately shut down beer flow when keg empties

-Beer lines stay full at all times eliminating foam and wasted beer.

-Made for bars that have really long beer line runs.  Not recommended for home use.

-Made of ultra-durable plastic