Quick Checklist

 Is the keg stored between 36-38° F, and is the same temperature maintained all the way to the point of dispense? 
Is the CO
2 pressure between 12-14 Lbs? 
Have the Faucet, beer line, and keg coupler have been cleaned (with chemicals specifically manufactured for beer hose cleaning) on a regular basis?



Temperature is the most important issue when it comes to dispensing keg draft beer.  Most draft beer is not pasteurized, so it must be kept cold.  Non-Pasteurized beers must be maintained between 36-38 degrees F from keg to dispense.  If temperature is half a degree higher, CO2 will break down.  If temperature rises above 55 degrees, then spoilage will occur. 


When dispensing keg draft beer, the goal is to keep CO2 as specified by brewer.  Any variation will change will alter the taste, pouring characteristics and appearance of the beer.  Most recommend between 12-14 lbs.